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Join Techfugees, a global community of 15,000+ innovators and engineers building technology meeting refugees’ needs, and Schibsted, the Norwegian global media group, for a weekend of coding for and with refugees living in Norway. The event will bring refugees, asylum seekers, local NGOs, engineers, designers, social entrepreneurs and tech mentors together to build prototypes of sustainable tech solutions for refugees’ needs.

Throughout the hack, you will learn more about the needs of refugees, the challenges of NGOs and local government and will be able to pitch your tech solution directly to NGOs, local government and investors.

Techfugees, in partnership with Schibsted, will support you and your team with tech mentors, NGO representatives and case studies of refugee tech to help inspire you in building tech solutions that improve the situation of refugees.

The event space is limited to 100 places and we will have a waiting list ready for last minute cancellation.

The 3 winning teams will be invited to pitch their solution in front of a selected panel of CTOs, Investors and Government representatives as part of Oslo Innovation Week - and the final winner will be announced by Mike Butcher at the Opening of the Oslo Innovation Week Ceremony.

The winning team will receive Mentorship support from Northzone as well as desk spaces sponsored by Bakken&Bæck. 

All teams/individuals must register! 


OCTOBER 14 - 16 @, Grensen 5-7, Oslo 

 starts on Friday 17.00h

ends on Sunday 17.00h

The event is FREE

Questions regarding registration please contact


Friday, October 14

17:00 – Registration 

18:00 – Welcome / Introduction / Cases presented 

19:00 – Storytelling: Amela Koluder 

19:30 – Dinner 

21:00 – Hack Time Starts


Saturday, October 15

08:30 – Breakfast 09:00 – Welcome and Brief Day 2 

09:15 – Hack Time 10:00 – Mentor Sessions (2 hrs)

12:00 – Lunch 

13:00 – Storytelling: Kristin Kjensberg 

14:00 – Mentor Sessions (2 hrs)

17:30 – Dinner 19:00 – Hackfest


Sunday, October 16

08:30 – Breakfast 

09:00 – Hack Time 

10:00 – Mentor Sessions (2 hrs)

12:00 – Lunch 

14:00 – Submissions 

15:00 – Pitching for Jury 

16:45 – Winning Teams Announced 17:00 – END

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Mentors & Speakers

Frode Eilertsen
Mentor / Product & Entrepreneur

Frode Eilertsen is a senior high tech business executive and angel investor with extensive innovation and company building experience from almost two decades of leadership in telecom, Internet and digital media - as a CEO, EVP, CPO, venture capitalist, entrepreneur, and management consultant in both small startups and large, publicly traded corporates.  Most recently Frode was an EVP at Schibsted globally in charge of the company's digital transformation to a global Internet company - as head of New Growth, as Chief Product Officer, as CEO of Schibsted Products and Technology, and as head of Strategy.  Prior to Schibsted, Frode was a venture capitalist in Boston and Silicon Valley, a founder and CEO of startups, and a global leader of technology in the energy sector for McKinsey & Company.  Frode studied law and computer engineering, and received his MBA from Harvard Business School.

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Amela Kolunder
Jury & Speaker

Amela was 19 years old when she walked out of a concentration camp in Heliodrom in Mostar, Boznia and Hercegovina. She landed as a refugee in Norway with her little sister in 1993. Two years later Amela spoke Norwegian, and was a student at the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH). Later she started a radio station in Trondheim for compatriots from Bosnia Herzegovenia. She has applied for a patent on a microfiber cloth that has won several awards. She is designated as a role model of The Leadership Foundation in Norway. Today she is Director of Innovation in Tine and believe that the background of war and concentration camps can be utilized in businesses. Amela holds a Master in International Management from NHH.

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Baber Qazi
Mentor / NGO

Baber is an Associate Partner in McKinsey&Company. He has worked in more than 15 countries in Europe, North America, Asia and Middle East primary within Energy/Oil&gas, Health Care and Public Sector. Prior to McKinsey, Baber worked as a medical doctor, a Chairman and acting CEO on volunteer basis in Rahma, a humanitarian NGO purely based on volunteers. He led several aid projects, focusing on education and disaster and humanitarian relief in multiple countries, including Pakistan and Bangladesh. 

His experience includes working with education including refugees + orphans, including a McKinsey project which aimed to implement an education reform for 12+ million children. He´s also worked in hospitals, in emergency services, with national health strategies, with identity and inclusion, and the challenges related to this through conversations with people who have immigrant and refugee. Baber holds a M.D, Medical Doctor from the University of Oslo, Norway.

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​Claire Dennington
Mentor / Designer

Claire  is a PhD fellow at the Design Institute of the Oslo School of Architecture and Design. There she is currently exploring how the translation of certain socio-cultural phenomena into details of a service can assist in service innovation, and in what way more meaningful service experiences can be approached, through service design. Claire is also the founder of Prefall, a platform for fashion re-use. She has worked with design, concept development and branding in the commercial fashion industry, with several Oslo-based startups, and in a Norwegian design organization. She has a specific passion for the emotional aspects of design, and how design can influence and shape/re-shape values and attitudes.

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Nima Shahinian
Mentor / Product design

Nima J. Shahinian is Head of Design at HOOS Design Lab, a design agency located in Oslo, focusing on design, research and development. He holds a Master in Product Design from HiOA and has extensive experience as a product and industrial designer for both domestic and international customers. In addition, HOOS Design Lab operates the multidisciplinary creative co-working space, HOOS Collective, consisting of around 25 creative entrepreneurs.In 2013 he won the award "Design for All" for the revolutionary design of the socket "Flow", which after this got massive media coverage.Earlier this year he received worldwide media attention after testing a 50% scale model of what will become the world's fastest snow sled in Toyota's wind tunnel in Cologne. Nima also gives lectures about innovation, design and creative thinking.

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Bjørn Stray
Mentor / Entrepreneur

Bjørn is a Co-founder of Northzone since 1996.  His primary areas of focus are ecommerce, consumer internet, infrastructure, and SaaS, and he spearheads the firm’s efforts in e-recruitment, gaming, and telecom services. His portfolio includes Behaviosec, Supponor,iZettle, Brave New Talent, Boomlagoon, TracID, Sqore, Soundrop, and PlayRaven. Bjørn has over the years also invested in Stepstone, Nextgentel, MCP. Bjørn holds a M.Sc. in Business Adm./M.Sc. Economics from NHH in Bergen, Norway.

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Kristin Svenden

Kristin is a Service Designer in the Digitalization Department in Drammen kommune. She is working towards creating user-friendly digital services for the citizens. She has worked with UX Design both in big companies and as a freelanceer. The last three years, she has been a part of the Service Jam team in Oslo. Service jam is a 48 hours Service Design workshop. She also has been mentoring an giving speeches on UX and Service Design, prototyping techniques, User Testing and strategic development. Kristin has also experience as teacher for refugees and immigrants at Rosenhof Voksenopplæring  in Oslo.

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Amr Tamimi
Mentor & Entrepreneur

Amr is software engineer at Schibsted Sweden, working on finding and building the next innovative marketplaces. Before he moved to Sweden, he co-founded GetSwipt, FeeKash and others. He is a speaker at tech conferences and has mentored developers at many different hackathons. On his free time, he contributes back to the open source world, travels and makes hummus. Amr holds a BSc in computer science from An-Najah National University in Nablus. 

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Beate Due
Mentor / NGO

Beathe Due work as the CEO for Tøyen Startup Village, she holds a PhD in Media and Communication Studies from the University of Oslo, has previously worked as Dean at the faculty of Computer Science at Østfold University College, and as researcher at Telenor Group. She was one of the co-founders of Girl Geek Dinners Oslo and was part of the movement Lær Kidsa Koding. 

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Ben Graham
Mentor / Product

Ben is the Product Lead for Identity in Schibsted’s Product and Technology group. Prior to that he spent 9 years building components of the data platform underpinning analytics and personalisation at Yahoo, and he also ran product for Flurry Analytics. Further back in time he worked on fingerprint and facial recognition systems. He’s an Englishman living in countryside outside of Oslo with his Norwegian wife and American kids. Ben holds a Bachelor in Physics with Management from University of Sussex

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Henriette Sire Seljom
Mentor / NGO

From the age 7-9 years old Henriette lived in Tanzania with her mother and sister. Through Norad her mother helped the local hospital to recover their physiotherapy department program. Growing up in an international environment and her many visits to Tanzania through the years, she was inspired to achieve a Bachelor in Travelling and Relations Management. The last years she has been volunteering randomly at Fattighuset and Red Cross. In 2014 she spent 1 month in Tanzania visiting and helping at Amani Children’s Home.

When the refugee crisis in 2015 was at its worst, she volunteered in Greece through the organization “A drop in the Ocean” for a week, helping the refugees coming with boats from Turkey. In November, she is going back to Greece for voluntary work, now in the refugee camps in Athens.

Henriette is a Key Account Manager at Schibsted AS. Her work includes innovation, project management, analysis and marketing advisement. 

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Kevin Simons
Mentor / Tech

Kevin is an engineering manager at Schibsted Products & Technology and is responsible for building out Schibsted's new global identity platform. Previously he worked at Telenor, where he had many diverse projects including building affordable FirefoxOS smartphones for people in Bangladesh and working on a streaming video service. Before that he worked at Nokia on everything from the app store to the open source Qt framework, as well as more affordable smartphones for emerging markets. He was also a co-founder of the Oslo startup Kidsagram. Kevin holds a Master in Computer Science from Tufts University. 

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Christian Mikalsen
Mentor / Tech

Christian is the CTO and Co-founder of both Kolonial and Funkbit, creating web apps with great user experiences. He is an experienced full-stack developer focused on Web applications, skilled in both frontend experience and complex backend business logic. Academic specialization in communications, databases and operating systems, and focus on cloud computing in Master's thesis. He enjoy creating great products, passionate about both development and business aspects.

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Tom Gabriel Johansen
Mentor / Design

Tom Gabriel Johansen has over 15 years of practice in design; ranging from data-journalism to strategic design, from interaction design to information visualization. He has worked as a special advisor in visualizing data for Statistics Norway. During that time he was a member of Eurostat’s Visualization Task Force. Working for many years at NRK within the area of innovation strategy, interaction and information design.

Tom is an advocate for the value of cross collaboration among different professions, working closely with journalists, researchers, scientists and activists. His work has been awarded for being innovative and powerful in the service of understanding. Tom is an acclaimed international speaker, teacher and is an associated lecturer at Central St Martins University in London. At the present time working in Destination Next at Schibsted on how to empower people with independent journalism in a sustainable way. Whenever there is time, he loves to sail, passionately observing clouds.

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Tom Hayton
Mentor / NGO

Tom Hayton is a director, photographer and digital producer based in London, and Global Creative Director for Techfugees. He has been part of Techfugees since the beginning. Tom is heavily involved in the European tech scene, specializing inhelping tech companies engage with users and scale their businesses through clear thinking and powerful storytelling. He has lived in multiple countries and speaks several languages- experience that helps in understanding the perspective of people with radically different cultures and viewpoints.

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Rolv Seehuus
Mentor / Tech

Rolv is an engineering manager in Schibsted Products & Technologies, and is currently building solutions and tools capable of ingesting and doing processing on events describing users behavior from all running systems in Schibsted - processes and data that fuels our insights, ad platform and news rooms. The current technology focus is data processing in Spark, data formats, storage technologies, AWS infrastructure and Scala programming.

During his 15 years of experience, Rolv has worked as a software engineer in various areas - Oil and Gas, Telco, akademia and now Media. In these areas he's worked with various kinds of problems, from interactive visualisation of big 3D models and pattern discovery in bio polymers, via scalable web services to big data technologies.

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Kaija Ommundsen
Mentor / UX design

Kaija is head of UX in FINN and is passionate about building great user focused products solving real problems. She has long experience in Accenture and Schibsted and have been in many different roles - setting up FINN labs,  building FINN oppdrag, heading up FINN torget and working with the ecosystem of FINN. She is interested in platform thinking, network effects, social mechanisms and ecosystems.  

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Elvis Nuñes
Mentor / tech

Elvis Nuñez is a Software Engineer at the digital agency Bakken & Bæck, where he was involved in making a piñata drone delivery service known as “Flying Piñata” among other things. In the past he has worked with clients such as REMA 1000, Dansani and In addition, he has been instrumental in the development of Thyme, a cooking timer app downloaded over 300,000 times, and featured as Starbuck’s “Pick of the week". Before that he was involved in creating an app for Lady Gaga's Social Network "Little Monsters" in Silicon Valley. In his spare time he contributes to open source, building tools to help developers all around the world, impacting over 15,000 apps.

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Marijn Schilling
Mentor / tech

Marijn is a Software Engineer at the digital agency Bakken & Bæck in the Amsterdam office. Before changing her focus completely on iOS development she used code to make digital art, where she learned to focus on the end product while writing her code. Her passion lies in developing fitting user interfaces that will result in happy end-users. 

She worked for renowned design-focused clients like WeTransfer and NRC-app (one of the biggest dutch newspapers). And she loved working for “Kleine Stapjes” (small steps), an app that helps families with a kid with down syndrome in their development. As the lead-developer she worked in a small team to create the product from beginning to end. This year “Kleine Stapjes” won two golden Lovie awards in the category Family & Kids and Best User Experience.

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Marte Radmann
Mentor / Product

Marte works in Schibsted Product and Technology as Product Lead for Privacy. Her passion is making great products with a focus on the user experience. Before joining Schibsted Marte worked 9 years in NRK, leading development of among products like NRK TV, NRK Radio and She holds a Master in Communication Technology from Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

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Karl Munthe-Kaas
Jury / Entrepreneur

Karl is the Co-founder and CEO of AS, Norway´s largest online grocery store. He is also a Co-founder and CoB of, Norway´s first and largest P2P car-sharing service. He has great entrepreneurial experience in product and concept development, leadership, strategy, raising private and state capital, industrialization, global marketing and distribution. He is also a former management consultant with McKinsey & Company and his consulting experience includes strategy, lean operations and corporate finance.  Karl studied economics and political science;Industrial economics and received his MSc from London School of Economics. 

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Hackathon team

Joséphine Goube

COO Techfugees

Ida Faldbakken

Project Manager (Katapult)

Tiril Slemdal Bergersen

Project Manager (Schibsted)

Jining (Kea) Zhang

UX designer (Schibsted)

Thomas Ford

Head of Public Relations  (Schibsted) 

Jesper Thøgersen

Lead Front-End Engineer (Schibsted)

Louise Fuchs

Communication Manager (Schibsted)

Laila-Josefin Azhar

CEO (UT Studentbyrå)

Karina Birkeland Lome

Innovation catalyst  (

Ligia Amaral

Communication Coordinator (Schibsted)

Mette Presthagen

Project Manager (Schibsted)